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Our Special Technologies

Best zero touch laser robotic technology

3D depth binocular microscopes

Multi-dimensional eye tracking technology

Excellent scanning technology

About Arvind Vision Care

For over three decades, Dr. Arvind vision care has been a pioneer in offering advanced eye care for diagnostic, surgical, and interventional services. Our focus has always been centered on the patient, reflecting our everyday work. The advanced and sophisticated medical services at Dr. Arvind vision care ensure utmost care and comfort for our patients and their families. We have a dedicated team of medical professionals, backed by well-trained support staff, modern infrastructure to ensure our patients get the best treatment.

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A Wide Range Of

Ophthalmology Services



  5 mins procedure
  Micro-incision method
  1 lakh+ successful surgeries

Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery

 Pain free
 German technology
 1000s of procedures done
 Zero-touch treatment

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy

 Pan-retinal photocoagulation



 Easily treatable
 Preventable blindness
 Micro-shunt procedures
 Experienced Surgeons

Contact Lens

Contact Lens

 Freedom from glasses
 Easy to wear
 Choose your lens



 Excellent scanning technology
 AI for prognosis
 Corneal collagen cross-linking
 Multiple contact lens platforms

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmology

 Refractive errors
 Pediatric Cataract
 Pediatric Retina

Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplant

 Corneal infection
 Hereditary Corneal weakness

Retinal Surgery

Retinal Surgery

 Easy procedure
 Sutureless 23G/25G
 No hospital stay
 Early recovery

About Dr. Venkatraman Memorial Trust

In service of mankind since 1916….

The trust is a continuation of the ideals set up by the legendary physician Dr. R. Venkataraman fondly called Dr. R. V.  He was born in a middle-class family in a small village Thethiyur (Old Thanjavur District). He rose to be one of the most respected and revered Doctors in the Cauvery delta area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Far sightedness, Near sightedness, and Astigmatism

Farsightedness (hyperopia) is a common vision condition in which you can see distant objects clearly, but objects nearby become blurry

 Nearsightedness(Myopia) occurs when the eyeball is longer than normal, or the cornea is curved steeply. Instead of the light getting focused precisely on your retina, it gets focused in front of your retina, resulting in a blurry appearance for distant objects.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea or lens is curved more steeply in one direction than the other. If not attended to, Astigmatism blurs the vision.

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Employees Health Insurance Scheme (ESI)

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Cholamandalam MS insurance

CM Health insurance

PM Health Insurance

Ex Service men Contribution Health Scheme (ECHS)

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